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10 Commands for Mommies

10 Commands for Mommies

Sweet Child of mine.

Here’s the beef: I want you to be a good kid.

But even more than being what other people might define as “good kid,” I want you to be obedient to God.

The Bible gives us really good directions for how to do that. But as your Mommy, I know that one of the best ways to teach you to follow God’s directions is for you to see me following them myself.

So Child, let me show you:

1. Mommy will love only God. Mommy believes in the God that's in the Bible. Not the many other gods that many other people in the world believe in. And Mommy doesn’t “believe in herself” either. That might sound silly, but it’s a phrase you will hear more than you can imagine as you grow up. But Mommy is not in control, nor is she supposed to be in control. Which is why sometimes you might see Mommy sitting in the corner, rocking back and forth, singing “Jesus, take the wheel.”

2. Mommy will not worship anything besides God. This is kind of like the first command. Child, anything can become an idol or a “god” if we put it before our love for Jesus. If we put it before obeying Him. Mommy has things that she really loves. She loves replying to emails, she loves writing, and she loves Netflix. She loves staying home with you. She loves her friends and her family. But if she puts those before God or before worshipping God, then those things become an idol.

3. Mommy will use God’s name carefully. I already have to apologize to you and to Jesus for that one word Mommy uses sometimes when she gets angry. {Because you finally repeated it. And it was not a proud moment for Mommy.} But Child, Mommy should not use God’s name to swear either. God’s name is holy, and Mommy will only use it when she is honoring Him. She won’t use it when she is really angry, or to make promises to people.

4. Mommy will rest on the Sabbath Day. Mommy loves to get her work done. And sometimes on the day she should rest and spend quiet time with God, she walks around like a drug addict, waiting to get a fix of all-purpose cleaner and paper towels. But Mommy needs rest and connection with God; otherwise her wires will go on the fritz. {You have seen this happen before, Sweetie, and you know it’s not pretty.}

5. Mommy will be kind to your Papas and Grandmas. We are our own family, and Mommy and Daddy make their own decisions. But we should always be kind to your Papas and Grandmas. They spent many years taking care of Mommy and Daddy, and they love us very much. This also means that in a bunch more years when they are older and need somebody to take care of them, Mommy and Daddy will help. It’s the least we can do after they put up with all our crap for so many years. Cleaned up all our crap for so many years.

6. Mommy will not kill other people. Someday you will see that this does not only mean taking away someone’s breath and heartbeat. Words kill people too. So even when Mommy does not like other people, or agree with other people, she will treat them with kindness.  Whether I am typing something on the internet, or talking about someone with a group of friends, Mommy will choose kindness. Mommy can be a hater sometimes. But a lot of the time, it’s better to choose encouragement over criticism.

7. Mommy will choose to love Daddy. The world tells mommies and daddies everywhere that love is all about feelings, and to just choose what feels good. But love is a choice, and Mommy will choose Daddy. Every day. Even when Mommy and Daddy don’t like each other. I like having Daddy in my life. And you need Daddy in your life. Families work better when Mommies and Daddies choose to love each other, and only each other.

8. Mommy won't take what isn't hers. It doesn’t matter how cute that shirt at The Loft is that Mommy can’t afford.

9. Mommy will not lie. Did you know, Child, that sometimes grownups lie too? They like to act like everything is “okay” when actually they are a big mess? Mommy is not a perfect person, and it’s okay to not pretend she is a perfect person either. Some days, I am a really big failure. Some days, I don’t have all the answers to your questions. But Mommy will choose to be honest with others. She will choose to be brave and vulnerable so that others will feel safe to be brave and vulnerable too.

10. Mommy will not spend time wishing for what others have. No matter what Mommy says or thinks she wants, “more” is never the answer to feeling happy. And being happy with a little or a lot is a great way to say, “Thank you” to God. It’s a great way to say, “God, we trust that you are taking care of us and that You give us just enough of what we need.”


Jesus talks about all of these commands too. He says that a good way to remember them is to simply think, “Love God” and “Love Our Neighbor.”

And these commands are not a burden. Some people think that rules are meant to take away all of our fun.

But actually, when Mommy follows these rules, she has much healthier relationships with others. With God, with Daddy, with Papa and Grandma, and with her other family and friends. When Mommy follows these commands, she experiences a lot more peace in her life than when she lets herself do whatever she pleases.

And guess what else?

Remember when Mommy said she wouldn’t lie? Well, Mommy will not always follow these commands perfectly. I will make lots of mistakes and not always be a good example.

But here is the good news that you always need to remember: When we say “Sorry,” God says, “I forgive you.” Because Jesus took care of it.

I love you, Child. I want you to live a life that is blessed with healthy relationships and peace on earth. Even more, a life filled with respect for the God who created you and who so very deeply loves you.


Grace and Peace,


P.S. How do you teach and demonstrate and fail {like me} the 10 commandments to your children? How do you show your children that following God's laws is not a burden, but a way to live healthy and peaceful lives?

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