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Goodness, You’re Sexy {A Letter To My Husband on Father’s Day}

Goodness, You’re Sexy {A Letter To My Husband on Father’s Day}

Dear Husband,

I feel uncomfortable admitting these things out loud, but please hear me out:

Last week I went to a movie. And while sitting in the theater watching the latest chick flick, he caught my eye.

You see, Hollywood did it again. They found really pretty people to put in their film. And the main actor? Goodness, he was sexy. I wondered where they even found this guy.

Not only was he portrayed as perfectly sculpted by the Lord’s precious hands on an extremely large screen in front of me, but he was perfectly scripted too. And this perfect combination of good looks and good chemistry between these two good looking actors made my mouth drool and my heart flutter and my mind wander a bit.

My mind wandered, thinking about how our chemistry is less than perfect when we argue about whose family we should spend time with over the holidays. Thinking about how our bodies are less than perfect while stretched by child bearing or stressed with back pain.

But then, my dear husband, I thought about you.

I thought about how you didn’t even flinch when I asked if I could go out for a few hours with my mom and sisters to see this movie. I thought about how you didn’t mind wrangling our uptight toddler and fussy baby with only two arms to do eight arms worth of work. I thought about how you encouraged me to take a break and just have a little fun. I thought about how this kind gesture was just one small example of how incredibly selfless you are as a husband and as a father.

And you know what came to mind when I thought about that?

Goodness, you’re sexy. Where did I even find you?

Hollywood makes it easy to get swept up in performed perfection. They make it easy to think “sexy” means “pretty people who love each other when it’s happily convenient.” But Life and Love and Sexy are so much messier than that. They require us to focus on the stuff that runs much deeper than that.

A few weeks ago my friend said to me, “Do you know what we have in common? We have husbands who are ‘keepers.’”

It was refreshing to hear her say that, because sometimes I don’t focus on what makes you a keeper, on what makes you so sexy. Sometimes when I get together with other women, we fixate on our husbands’ refusal to look up driving directions instead of how you walk through the door after a long workday and don’t mind grabbing a kid out of our arms. We concentrate on the body hair stuck to the shower floor instead of how our husbands work, work, work so we can eat, eat, eat. We mock your Man Colds instead of celebrating how our husbands come home to Sleepless Greasy Mom Barbie and still say, “You’re beautiful.”

But this Father’s Day, I want you to know that I think you’re sexy. You’re a keeper. You, so handsomely sculpted, were perfectly placed in my life by the Lord’s precious hands.

It’s the way you are committed to me as your wife when life is unscripted and sometimes absolutely unsexy. It’s the way you give your all in order to feed your family and play princesses with your daughter and tenderly hold your son, all by 7:30 p.m. It’s the way you don’t hesitate to pray for our hearts, or read to us “David and Goliath” for the hundredth time. It’s the way you are leading our family in pursuit of things eternally more meaningful than happiness.

Mmm. Eyes on you, my heart flutters. I’m practically drooling.

May your fountain be blessed, and may you rejoice in the wife of your youth. {Proverbs 5:18}

A very happy Father's Day, Hubby.

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