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Get a Free Download from My Book!

Get a Free Download from My Book!

So, I want to do us all a huge favor and take a break from talking about that one thing that happened this week. Instead, let’s talk about the second most taboo subject for anyone to mention pre-Thanksgiving. And that is: Christmas.

{Why yes, you are more than welcome to reach through your screen and backhand me with your pumpkin spice latte if you so wish.} But I promise this post about Christmas comes with a Christmas gift as well – A FREE DOWNLOAD FROM MY BOOK!

Why am I being so generous, you might wonder? Well, I want you to get a better idea of what Here Goes Nothing is about. {Therefore, the download includes the introduction.} Also, I think this chapter about gift giving is important. It's an important discussion to have among friends and families about an area of our lives that maybe we've become too comfortable with, possibly even rendered useless with as Jesus People.


So, let's have some fun and help each other out here. I would love for you to join me by taking these simple steps:

1. Download and read the intro and chapter. Simply follow THIS LINK and take the steps to get your free PDF digital download. {You will have to give your name and address, but will not have to give any credit card info in order to download the chapter.}

2. Check out the "To Take This Deeper" section at the end.

3. Come back here {or to the post on Facebook} and comment your answers, ideas, and thoughts. I would love to create - with your help - a large resource for people looking to shop better, give more purposefully, and relieve some of the stress on our sanity, wallets, or space in our homes from tons of extra crap...I mean clutter...this holiday season.

- Do you have a favorite fair-trade place you like to shop for Christmas gifts? Share your links here.

- Do you have a creative way you reign in the gift-buying and money spending? Share your ideas here.

- Do you have some epic, clutter-free gift ideas for children, teens, or adults? DO TELL.

- Do you have a favorite way you give to your "neighbors" as much as you receive from others during the holiday season? We want to know and be inspired!

4. If you like what you read, pre-order the rest of the book. :)

Also, I know so many of you are anxiously wrestling with what to buy me for Christmas this year, so I promise to answer that question in this chapter as well.



Grace and Peace,

It Wasn’t #GivingTuesday; Is That Why He Didn’t Help Me?

It Wasn’t #GivingTuesday; Is That Why He Didn’t Help Me?

Times Have Changed, But What We Grieve Has Not {Thoughts on "This Is Us" and PAIL Awareness Month}

Times Have Changed, But What We Grieve Has Not {Thoughts on "This Is Us" and PAIL Awareness Month}