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Less Isn't More if Christ Isn't Glorified

Living with less is a lifestyle. One that many are interested in this time of year especially:

“I resolve to live with less stuff.”

“I resolve to eat less junk food.”

“I resolve to spend less time on the couch.”

Many of us are zeroing in on our lifestyles in the name of less, in the name of decluttering or tidying our homes and bodies and schedules. And I think many of us have the best of intentions. But I want to share about how the resolution of less can veer off the path of righteousness as well.


So I pray for continued peace, for contentment.

I pray I won’t become so stuffed with anything - be it my possessions or my pride - that I become rendered useless from what He is trying to show me, teach me. I pray He will continue to stretch me, even make me uncomfortable, as long as it redirects my eyes towards Him.