The Political Gospel {and other things I won’t fall for this election season}

  {Everyone is allowed one political rant during election season, right? Well, here's mine.}

{Everyone is allowed one political rant during election season, right? Well, here's mine.}

I think it is safe to say that our country has lost its ever loving mind over the upcoming election. My sister shared the perfect meme: “I feel like Trump and Clinton are two divorced parents fighting for custody of us, and we just want to go live with Grandma.”

I post very little about politics on social media, because literally nobody has asked for my opinion. But I’m not here to try to convince you to vote for a specific candidate. I’m here to share a few of the things I'm upset about, a few of the things I won’t fall for in regards to my Christian faith and the upcoming election.

I’ll try to be brief, because Moses knows we have ingested enough of the words “Trump” and “Clinton” to make us all just want to move in with Grandma.

1. I will never fall for the Political Gospel.

The Political Gospel is the idea that checking a box next to an imperfect person's name on a ballot will be their ticket to either Heaven or Hell. It's the statement that says, "You can't call yourself a Christian if you vote for that candidate." While our political views indeed stem from our faith, the only thing that can save us is to cast our vote with the one perfect Man who ever walked this earth. {John 3:16}

2. I will never believe that I am only supposed to care about the wellbeing of the United States of America.

I respect the goodhearted people who are trying to protect the wellbeing of United States citizens. However, as part of the Church, my concern is for far more than the people who live within the same political boundaries I do. My brothers and sisters span the entire globe. {Galatians 6:10}

3. I will not fall for the lie that the immoral actions and words of any candidate are excusable.

It is one thing to vote for Donald Trump, but it is a completely different story to excuse any of his lewd, sexually aggressive language against women. It is one thing to vote for Hillary Clinton, but it is a whole different ballgame to believe she has kept so much as a pinky promise during her career as a politician. Sins are always forgivable, but they are never excusable. {Psalm 146:3}

Why do believers insist on Jesus being in the White House when He spent His time with lepers? If He didn’t redeem the world on the throne, then why would He do it now? Why does so much Christianity smack of power and aggression when Jesus was humble and subversive? – Jen Hatmaker, For the Love

4. I will never equate Patriotism with Christianity.

The very second that a leader, a flag, a nation, a political party, a law, or an anthem is elevated higher than my love for God and my obedience to His law, is the very second I have committed idolatry. I do not ultimately answer to Washington D.C. {Exodus 20:3}

5. I will not trust the law to change hearts.

No law can turn the heart of a man to Christ. Our nation isn’t slowly destroying itself because it doesn’t have all the right laws – or lack of laws – in place, it’s destroying itself because our sinful hearts are turning farther and farther away from our Creator. {Romans 8:1-4}

6. I will never think that someone is a good Christian or American citizen based on whether or not they share political posts on social media.

It’s pretty easy to click “publish” on a political rant on Facebook. But it’s really difficult to actually “love your neighbor” in a country that tells its citizens to pursue their own happiness and look out for #1. {John 15:14}

7. I will never believe that people, their opinions, and their differences are my enemy.

Our struggle is not against flesh and blood, nor who our flesh and blood votes for on November 8. This is no time for fear and hatred against other image bearers of God, it is simply time to put on God’s armor in the form of truth, righteousness, readiness, faith, salvation, and Scripture. {Ephesians 6:12-17}

8. I will not think so highly of myself that I forget that these presidential candidates are products of my own culture.

The things I criticize about a candidate often reveal a huge plank in my own eye. Maybe Donald Trump’s wall is just a reflection of the “safe walls” I try to build around my life in order to keep certain people out of it. Maybe Hillary Clinton’s vision of “liberating” women through abortion is just a reflection of how I value personal freedoms that completely conflict with God’s law. {Matthew 7:3}

9. I will never believe that the outcome of this election and the entire world rests on my voting shoulders.

Anyone in a position of authority is there only because God let him or her be there. I will pray, and then I will vote, but then I will accept that I cannot predict the future nor control the outcome. {Romans 13:1-7}

10. I will never fall for the lie that my identity is found in my nationality or political party.

The more I accept that the United States of America is neither my eternal home nor the source of my personal identity, the more I find peace in the growing chaos of our world. Our citizenship and allegiance is to somewhere and Someone way greater than this country has to offer. {1 Peter 2:9-10}


November 8, come quickly. Lord Jesus, come even faster.


Grace and Peace,