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How does an introvert love her neighbor?

That’s the question that Kendra Broekhuis—newly returned from living overseas with her husband and baby daughter—set out to answer. With humbling honesty about her weaknesses and foibles, Here Goes Nothing chronicles Kendra’s thirty-day journey of stepping out in faith to pray for, meet, and love the people closest to her: the ones living in her apartment building.

From leaving quarters for a load of laundry in the basement to baking cupcakes for the downstairs neighbors (and sneaking down the stairs to see if they’ve taken them) to the hard work of building new friendships, Kendra leans on God’s voice in her daily life to push her out of her comfort zone.

Along with plenty of self-deprecating humor about her sometimes bumbling outreach attempts, she shares her growing sense of how close God stands beside her each day. As she works from her surface personality quirks through to her hidden doubts and fears, what emerges is a heartfelt glimpse into what it’s like for one awkward introvert to live by faith.  

Here Goes Nothing isn’t a challenge. It’s not a step-by-step plan to make yourself a good neighbor or an upstanding Christian. But it is the warm voice of someone who struggles just like you do—to hear the voice of God, to discern His will, and to love others with all of her introvert heart.



Praise for Here Goes Nothing:

“Kendra writes from the heart about her hilarious attempts to reach out to her neighbors. If you’re an introvert like me, you’ll appreciate the cringe factor, but also the longing for a world where we are more deeply connected to one another. Truly subversive.”

Craig Greenfield, Founder of Alongsiders International and author of Subversive Jesus

“Richly combining Scripture and sarcasm, Kendra Broekhuis’s adventures in neighboring could be read for pure entertainment value—you will be delighted with her witty perspectives on parenting, walking with God, and relationships with Other People. But I must warn you that you can’t read Here Goes Nothing without being poked and prodded and deeply convicted of your calling to love your neighbor, even if you’re ‘80 percent more comfortable sustaining eye contact while wearing sunglasses.’ Introverts like Kendra and even extroverts like me will turn each page with a new appreciation for God’s design of our unique personality for His glory, in our homes with the neighbors who surround us.”

Amy Lively, Author of How to Love Your Neighbor Without Being Weird

“Kendra puts legs on the gospel and gets us out into our neighborhoods. She doesn’t just tell us to be good neighbors; she shows us how, modeling a kind of loving that turns cupcakes into conversations. She also made me gut-laugh multiple times, which earns her some crazy respect. After reading this, I want to bust into her introverted world and make her be my friend. She sees spiritual nuggets in everything from apple crisp to maxi pads, and I love her for it.”

Melanie Dale, Author of It’s Not Fair: Learning to Love the Life You Didn’t Choose and Women Are Scary: The Totally Awkward Adventure of Finding Mom Friends

“Ordinary obedience to Jesus isn’t glamorous, and it isn’t a formula, which is why I so appreciate Kendra Broekhuis’s message in Here Goes Nothing. Too often, we want something to show for our efforts—a shiny takeaway, or a tidy triumph—which can leave us feeling defeated and alone. Addressing this disconnect, Kendra depicts a more honest picture of faith. Detailing her shortcomings and the lessons born out of them, she invites us into her thirty-day journey of intentional discipleship. Her daily meditations are full of meat but easy to digest, leading readers deeper without weighing them down. This book is ‘not a success story,’ but it is an encouragement and a helpful guide."

Sharon Hodde Miller, Author and blogger

“If you are an introvert—no, wait—if you are a person who wants to love your neighbor because Jesus commanded you to but gets overwhelmed at the idea, please read this book. Kendra Broekhuis has given us a gift in Here Goes Nothing: An Introvert’s Reckless Attempt to Love Her Neighbor. It is relatable, hilarious, honest, and inspiring all at once. I feel both understood as an introvert who treasures people but doesn’t always want to be with them and challenged to push through my own awkward to actively love anyway. In a world where we are increasingly disconnected, this book pushes us toward our ‘neighbor’ in beautiful ways.”

Alexandra Kuykendall, Author of Loving My Actual Life and co-hostess of The Open Door Sisterhood Podcast

“Wise and funny, Kendra takes you along for the ride on her adventure to love her neighbors. Full of encouragement and practical information, Here Goes Nothing is a perfect guide for introverts and extroverts alike.”

Kristin Schell, Author of The Turquoise Table: Finding Community and Connection in Your Own Front Yard

“Kendra Broekhuis’s Here Goes Nothing: An Introvert’s Reckless Attempt to Love Her Neighbor is one of those rare reads that has you nodding your head and smiling throughout. From her description of the Baby Buffer to her #SarcasmFont, I recognized my mom-self on page after page. Kendra is that friendly mom who leaves you feeling happier than when she found you, while she quietly displays Christ’s love to all she meets. She left me asking myself, ‘How can I be the light of Christ in my everyday?’”

Kim de Blecourt, Author of Until We All Come Home: A Harrowing Journey, a Mother’s Courage, a Race to Freedom; international speaker and president of

Here Goes Nothing equips introverts like me to love the world that God loves. That’s a big win, right? It also gives extroverts a rare glimpse into our curious inner workings. With humor, insight, and courage, Kendra Broekhuis helps us all be the people we were created to be.”

Margot Starbuck, Author of Small Things With Great Love

“I love the way Kendra Broekhuis creatively intertwines mother- hood with mission! Through her honest and delightful way of looking at life, she offers us a positive way to live every day. Here Goes Nothing is filled with inspirational stories and personal reminders of how we can open our eyes to the ordinary and see God working in the midst of our daily circumstances.”

Karol Ladd, Author of The Power of a Positive Mom

“I love this book and its authentic approach. Kendra Broekhuis takes us inside the mind of the introverted Christ follower as she learns to engage the people who live right outside her front door. Her self-deprecating humor makes Here Goes Nothing easy and fun to read. Kendra reminds us all that taking the first small step is the key to experiencing change. This is a must-read for anyone who desires to make a difference in their community.”

Dave Runyon, Coauthor of The Art of Neighboring

"Kendra Broekhuis gives us a fresh perspective on neighboring. You’ll be sure to put this book down having laughed and been inspired to love as Jesus loved, no matter if you’re an introvert or an extrovert."

- Jay Pathak, Co-author of The Art of Neighboring

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This series will zero in on a variety of themes from Here Goes Nothing. The writers of these posts are people Kendra deeply admires for their wisdom and their constant seeking of Christ’s Kingdom on behalf of their neighbors both near and far.