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2019 Upcoming Events:

Bible League International Volunteer Retreat

For more information, go to bibleleague.org/retreat19. Tickets for these two events can be purchased at bibleleague.org/tickets.

  • September 10 - Tri-State Conference in Sioux Center, IA

    • Ticket sales end at midnight on September 3.

    • There is an informational dinner in support of Bible League International on Monday, September 9, at 6:30 PM, and the conference is on Tuesday, September 10, starting at 9:30 AM.

    • Both the dinner and conference will be held at First Reformed Church, 160 10th Street SE, Sioux Center, IA.

  • September 14 - Chicagoland/NW Indiana Conference in Orland Park, IL

    • Ticket sales end at midnight on September 8.

    • The conference is on Saturday, September 14, starting at 8:30 AM, and will be held at Orland Park CRC on 7500 Sycamore, Orland Park, IL.

Christian Educators Association Convention

  • October 24 - South Bend, IN

  • Break-out session: “Helping Students Become Neighbors”


I have spoken in a variety of settings, including MOPS groups, women’s teas, high school chapel, a youth retreat, and an infant memorial service. I love sharing bits of my story, whether it is about the everyday challenges of motherhood, being an intentional neighbor, processing grief, or learning to simplify my earthly possessions.

Here’s what I’d love to know from you in regards to your event:

  • Date, location, and expected size of your event

  • Age range and demographic of your group

  • Number of talks, preferred topics, and allotted time

  • Dress code, type of microphone, and available equipment


Here are a few topics I’ve spoken about before. I am flexible to other ideas that cater to your group’s needs.

The Radical Work of Ordinary Neighboring. As an introduction to my book, Here Goes Nothing: An Introvert’s Reckless Attempt to Love Her Neighbor, this session shares my journey to begin living a neighborly life, as well as the challenges and joys of reaching out to the people in our everyday lives.

Mourning Companion. When our family, friends, and neighbors go through a hard time, we don’t always know how to help. Sharing through the lens of the loss of my second baby, this session will give practical advice on how to be a faithful companion during other people’s seasons of sorrow.

Prodigal Mom. Moms are bombarded with two extreme messages about grace: that either we can’t measure up to the level of perfection our children need, or that grace is a ticket out of accountability for our actions. This session will remind moms of both our need for repentance and for Christ’s unconditional love, as well as offer practical insight to how we can display grace in our kids’ lives.

Daughter of the King. It’s easy to lose our identity in our titles, job descriptions, accomplishments, or family ties. But the Bible reassures us that our identity as Christians rests in nothing less than being a child of God. This session will encourage women to seek their value in Jesus alone, as well as talk about how this identity impacts the way we live.

Sabbath Rest for Restless Minds. Amid our everyday work and toil, we often hear mixed messages about what Sabbath rest actually means. Is it “self care?” A fancy vacation? Doing zero things on Sunday? This session will delve into how our minds find rest in Jesus, even when our hands are busy; even when we are in seasons of emotional or physical suffering.

Finding Joy in What Matters {And Getting Rid of the Rest}. Minimalism is not the gospel, but it is a way to refocus our possession and our attention on what truly matters. This session is an introduction to living with a mindset of less stuff, while offering tips and tricks to get started decluttering our homes and hearts.

Cheap Childhood. Parents often get bombarded with the lie that children can only grow up happy if they go on expensive vacations, have mountains of toys, and are entertained by fancy gadgets. This session will debunk that myth and offer insight on how to give kids a meaningful childhood that doesn’t cost a lot of money. ***Recommended for new parents.