Hello. My name is Kendra.

I like to write words and share them on the internet. Technically that makes me a "Blogger," but I think that word sounds like somebody throwing up in their purse, so I try not to use it.

Either way, my love for writing began as a hobby when my husband and I moved to Guatemala. I realized the cool thing to do when you move overseas is to start a blog, so I did. Overtime, writing came to mean much more than keeping in touch; it was a way to process whatever was happening in our lives. Like our move overseas to a place of deep poverty. Like my begrudging first passage into motherhood. Like our move and transition back to the United States. Like the devastating loss of our second baby.

And those are the things I like to write about: Marriage and Parenting, Grief and Poverty. Learning what it means to Love God and Love My Neighbor. Oh yeah, and anything that makes me laugh too. {Sarcasm is my second language.}

I hope you enjoy the time you spend here, and that you leave feeling comforted, challenged, or tickled with laughter.

Grace and Peace,