Mourning Companion

I have long believed that lament is a lost art in our Western American culture - ever since I lost my baby to a chromosome abnormality and had to navigate the chaotic waters of grief. Which is why I wanted to create a community where people experiencing life's sorrows, and those trying to support them, can come to express their pain and learn more about the gift of lament.

Though I will share pieces of my story, and though the details involve stillbirth, Mourning Companion's feeds will not be exclusively for those who have experienced that kind of pain. They are for everyone who has experienced any of life's sorrows, whatever those individual sorrows might be. As you will see through the content that I share, I operate under the belief that though words cannot heal or take away our pain, they can remind us we are not alone.

Click through the buttons below to follow along on Facebook and Instagram. You may also message me with content, quotes, and comfort that you would like to see shared on these feeds. Let's make this a place where we can air our wounds and their effects on our lives to our loving Father.


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