{Original photo by    Avery Phillips Photography.    Edited with permission.}

{Original photo by Avery Phillips Photography. Edited with permission.}

Hello, my name is Kendra.

I like to write words and share them on the internet. Technically that makes me a Blogger, but I think that word sounds like somebody throwing up in their purse, so I try not to use it.

My love for writing began as a hobby when my husband and I moved to Guatemala. I realized the cool thing to do when you move overseas is to start a blog, so I did. Overtime, writing came to mean much more than keeping in touch; it was a way to process whatever was happening in our lives: like our move overseas. Like my begrudging first passage into motherhood. Like our transition back to the United States. Like the devastating loss of our second baby.

And those are the things I like to write about: Marriage and Parenting, Grief and Neighboring. I think you'll find that my style of writing is not "how to" as much as it's "me too". It's heaps of Jesus with hints of laughter. Sarcasm is my second language. 

As I try to honestly share what I'm going through and what God is teaching me, I hope you'll be encouraged to hear from another working through life's trenches. I hope you'll enjoy yourself and leave feeling comforted, challenged, or just plain tickled.

You’ll find the bulk of my writing on this website, Facebook, and Instagram. But my work has been featured on a variety of other websites and podcasts too! Oh yeah, and I wrote a book. Whatever brought you over to my little corner of the world, thanks for spending time with me here.

Our Story

Husband and I were both raised in the Midwest and met each other at Dordt College. At some point we fell head-over-heels in love, got married, and moved to Guatemala to teach for three years. While there, we had our life plans rocked and highly improved by two pink lines and a lot of little pink clothes.

Ten months later, we moved to the south side of Chicago. We prayed for and received another blessed two pink lines, but lost our second daughter at 33 weeks pregnant. 

A little over a year later, we welcomed a rainbow baby boy. And six weeks after that, we moved to Milwaukee for a unique opportunity to work at a school in the city. We bought a house right across the street from that school, and we feel passionately about learning what it means to love neighbors who look, live, and struggle differently than we do.

Most recently, we welcomed another baby girl into the mix.

Our story has been doused with joy, grief, hilarity, depression, and all sorts of things in between. We are learning to trust God by taking one day at a time, and by praying "Thy will be done."


Our Family

Me: Stay-at-home mom by day. Writer by night. Dove chocolate and movie partaker in between. Lover of truth and laughter. Neat freak but not a germ freak. {There is a difference.}

Husband: High School science teacher by day. Golfer and Duke Basketball enthusiast by night. Jokester and Card Trickster in between. Lover of mercy. Sometimes also known as Collin.


Jocelyn: Dual citizen of Guatemala and the United States. Too adorable for words. {Gets that from Husband.} She "can't like bugs." {Gets that from me.} Super spicy.

Aliza Joyce: Delivered on Wednesday, May 27, 2015, at 33 weeks. Sweet baby girl whom we miss every day. Named Aliza because it means "joy." Inspiring us to choose joy through our trials and heartache. Read the story of her passing and delivery here.


Levi: Precious rainbow baby boy. Voted most likely to fall into a gorilla cage. Steals Mommy's heart daily. {Gets that from Husband.} Totally rocking this whole Threenager thing. Read the epic story of his joyful arrival here.


Cecily: Kid #4. Is the center of our entire family’s affection. Eats, poops, and sometimes sleeps. Read her birth story that isn't much of a story here.