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This Weary World {includes free Advent Mourning calendar}

The weariness of the world – do you feel it too?

 I’m often asked if I’m tired - a rational assumption to make of a mom with an infant. Was it the third day of yoga pants or the second day of no mascara that was your first clue?

This weariness is more than physical though. Life is heavy because heaviness constantly weighs down those around us. This is the nature of entangling your life with people whose lives are hard every day – their grief becomes yours.

Our pastor affirmed the nature of this kind of weariness. “When members of our Body suffer, we all suffer. And if we don’t recognize this suffering, then our ‘we’ is too small, too nationalistic, too white, too whatever we think separates ‘us’ from ‘our brothers and sisters who are suffering.’”

Christmas Is For The Mourning, Not Just The Merry

Christmas is not just an invitation to the broken hearted, beat down, depressed, and mourning to join in the fun that all the merry folk are having. Christmas is for them. Christmas is for those who mourn, who recognize their neediness. It is for those who see and say, “I am broken, and I am hurting, and I am a sinner. Save me.”

Not-Expected Christmas

I think of the Christmas I was expecting this year.

I think of the family pictures I thought we’d be taking of the four of us. I think of our baby who is in Heaven, instead of our arms. The little girl I thought would be five months old this Christmas, not seven months deceased. The little sister to Toddler. The one I thought would shake things up as we adjusted to crazy life with a toddler and a baby.

And it’s disappointing. It’s heartbreaking. It’s not what I expected.

Gratitude and Grief on Father's Day

I didn't understand until now that this was possible. That my heart could be so full of gratitude for what I have, yet in so much pain for what I have lost. 

But it is. Both are strong emotions. One doesn't cancel out the other. 

Maybe this is a taste of what Job felt when he tore his robes in deep sorrow, and then one verse later exclaimed, "May the name of the Lord be praised." {Job 1:20-21

To Those Waiting and to Those Mourning on Mother’s Day

It's not that I think you need random pity from a random stranger such as myself. But I do think that sometimes it helps when recognition is given to how tough the valley can be to walk through.

Even Jesus, who knew He was about to perform one of His greatest miracles by raising Lazarus from the dead, stopped first to weep and mourn the loss with His friends. {John 11:1-44}

And even though great miracles might be in store for your life or great lessons might be learned along the way, that doesn't mean that pain and weeping aren't a part of the journey beforehand.