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The Minefield and Ministry That is a Marriage

“Has Mr. Broekhuis ever cheated on you?” our ten-year-old neighbor asked last summer.

I remember being so shocked by such a young kid talking about such grown-up things. And I remember that before I could answer, another ten-year-old piped up, saying, “No, Mr. Broekhuis would never cheat!”

I remember feeling so proud of my husband and the way he outwardly cherishes me as his wife. His witness was strong, simply by being a loving husband and father.

But what if they knew? I also thought. What if they could also see all the ways we’ve both failed as husband and wife?

Why We Gave Up Most of Our TV Time {and why it has been awesome}

Turning on the TV after our kids went to sleep became such a habit that I was starting to put pressure on myself to watch television for at least a half hour before bed every night. As in, "Well, I'm exhausted, and I really should go to bed, but of course I can't until I watch an old rerun of this TV show I have seen seventeen times."

What in the actual what?!

I don’t even know where this unnecessary pressure was coming from, but I don’t want to feel that way anymore. I don’t want something meant for entertainment to become a priority in my life, to take away time from things I enjoy working on and wish to accomplish. To take away from my actual priorities.

What We Didn’t Say “Yes” To

We didn’t think we were saying “Yes” to those things. 

To sorrow. To pain. To those times where we grieve differently. Process differently. Have to give each other space to do handle things differently.

But the important thing in marriage is that no matter what, you choose to say “Yes” to each other. Each and every sunny morning. Each and every long, dark night.

In light of everything we go through as a couple, saying "Yes" to each other. No matter the heartache.

What I Actually Remember About Our Wedding Day

That look. It’s a beautiful thing. And it needs to be remembered.

Because when marriage sets in, when bliss turns into reality, it can take {a lot of} work to rekindle “that look.” Because sometimes “that look” turns a little darker than that day you looked at each other and said, “I do.”